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Sergey Mishin – kettlebell legend

Sergey Mishin was born on August 11, 1958 in the city of Kaluga, in the working class family.

Sergey Mishin As of today Sergey is the most honored kettlebell lifter in the World, but he never dreamed about it being a child. He was bulky, slow and very ashamed of himself. Sergey didn’t like sport activities seating on the bench during physical education classes.

At age 15 Sergey started to attend classes of physical education in the college and even bought 24 kg kettlebell for practicing at home, but his goal was not to become a champion.

He entered professional kettlebell sport only when he turned 25 years, which sounds like “late start” for professional sportsmen. Mishin’s first coach knew not too much about kettlebell sport, but in October 1983 Sergey participated in his first competition. He didn’t win any prizes , but the first goal was achieved – he became a Master of Sport of Russian Federation . At this competition Sergey learned about technique of classic kettlebell jerk and snatch from mature athletes and turned back home having the idea to work hard on his technique.

Sergey MishinSince 1984 Sergey was winning all competitions. Here is the list of some of his rewards: 10-time World Champion, 20-time Champion of Russia, 6-time Champion of USSR.

Sergey Mishin is the first kettlebell lifter in Russia who was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sport. For his achievements in the sport Sergey was also awarded the medal “For Serving the Motherland” of 2nd degree.

Mishin’s example proves that success can be achieved through hard work at any age.